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Linux is not a natively supported operating system, but Miranda is known to run on Linux under Wine.

Running Miranda in Wine

Creating a separate Wine profile for Miranda NG

Create a separate directory for Wine to store its profile for work with Miranda:

mkdir -p $HOME/.wines/miranda/

If $HOME variable isn't defined, replace it with path to your profile:

mkdir -p /home/USER/.wines/miranda/

Initializing Wine profile

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wines/miranda/ wine winecfg
  • Decline installing the stuff (It's not needed to run Miranda).
  • Select Windows XP on Applications tab.
  • Click OK to close.

Installing Windows libraries into Wine profile

Copy the following DLLs from Windows XP x32 or Windows 2003 x32 to directory $HOME/.wines/miranda/drive_c/windows/system32/ (Libraries from Windows 7 x32 and higher haven't been tested):

  • msftedit.dll
  • msls31.dll
  • riched20.dll
  • riched32.dll
  • secur32.dll

Start Wine configurator again:

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wines/miranda/ wine winecfg
  • On LIBRARIES tab select and add the above mentioned files.
  • On DESKTOP INTEGRATIONS tab uncheck all the items in Folder section.
  • On Drives tab select Z: and specify the path: /home/USER/.win_soft/Miranda_NG/
  • Click OK to close.

Installing Miranda NG

Copy Miranda NG files to directory $HOME/.win_soft/Miranda_NG/, also copy your Miranda database files here, e. g. in Profiles subdirectory.

Specify path to directory containing your Miranda database in ProfileDir= setting of mirandaboot.ini.

Starting Miranda NG

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wines/miranda/ LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8 wine $HOME/.win_soft/Miranda_NG/Miranda32.exe

Differences under Wine

What doesn't work

  • SSL connections
  • Copy text feature in TabSRMM (works in History++)
  • Sometimes input language switches to English when TabSRMM window is inactive.
  • Some settings cannot be viewed/changed, namely lists with icons next to checkboxes, e. g. Contact list → Extra icons.
  • Keyboard LEDs won't flash on message received event (KeyboardNotify)
  • Received files folders are opened in ugly Wine explorer.
  • Menus don't work occasionally: they close if a tooltip pops up.
  • Themes from Windows 7, only classic Windows XP look is available.
  • Lots of animated smileys cause high CPU usage.
  • Many smileys have got white background (was transparent in Windows).
  • Probably something else :)

What works

Everything else

More about Wine