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<translate> Important</translate>
We are moving to Extension:Translate, most of those info will be wrong/outdated. Adjust the page after switch or consider removing.
<translate> Note</translate>
The best way to add a new language is to ask administrators for instructions or letting them to do it.
  • To create a version in your language for this wiki, you have to know your language code. Use a 2-letter ISO 639-1 code.
  • NB: Add MediaWiki:Lang/lng page with the language code. For example, if your language has "zz" code, you are to create MediaWiki:Lang/zz with zz as contents.
  • Add this code into Template:LanguagesList as it is done for existing languages.
  • Update all templates in i18n Category by adding corresponding strings for your language.
  • Update Localization/* templates. Be careful when you change Localization/PluginCard template, you have to select correct term for category for articles in your language.
  • Add translated strings to all disambiged articles.

Naming collisions

It is possible that two different languages have pages with the same name. For example in French they call Miranda packs "packs" as well. To resolve collision you need to make existing page disambiged and create separate pages for each language.


Page Packs is a disambiged page leading to pages Packs and Packs (fr).

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