Dziennik zmian/0.94.8

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Wersja: 0.94.8

Rev: v0.94.8

Wydano: 29 styczeń 2014

Ta wersja zawiera wszystkie drobne poprawki do RC1. Jeżeli nie zostaną wykryte żadne poważne problemy, to ten build zostanie wypuszczony jako Wydanie 0.94.

  • Jabber groupchat windows are not closed anymore when a protocol goes offline (crash fix).
  • The decrypted profile created by Dbx_mmap_SA could be read directly by Dbx_mmap, no conversion needed.
  • The "Unknown" xStatus in MRA is correctly determined as "Mobile".
  • SCRAM authentication mechanism fixed in Jabber, to support long salt strings.
  • All default font and color settings in Clist_modern, Clist_nicer, Clist_mw and even StdClist are corrected to match the options.
  • Nicklist colors' order in TabSRMM fixed completely.
  • Korekty do tłumaczeń.