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Miranda NG is a highly customizable client. Change the appearance of your Miranda by customizing one or several of the following parts:




See SmileyAdd plugin.


By default Miranda doesn't come with any sounds, however it's very easy to set them up. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download a sound pack from the ??????.
  2. Extract it into Sounds folder in your Miranda installation. You can create one if it does not exist.
  3. Navigate to the Options → Sounds page.
  4. Place a tick in the sound you would like to hear, highlight the event and click the Change button to assign a sound.
  5. In opened dialog chose a path to your *.wav file and open it.
    <translate> Note</translate>
    If you want to use other sound formats like *.mp3 or *.ogg then you have to install BASS interface plugin.
    <translate> Tip</translate>
    Use the Preview button to hear the selected sound.
  6. Apply changes.