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Reports generated by CrashDumper by default are insufficient and of little use. To create a useful crash report you need to do the following:

  • Install the CrashDumper plugin (see the plugin card for download links)
  • Update manually all the plugins from the corresponding source (stable/latest). This is not the case to rely upon the PluginUpdater.
  • Download debug symbols archive miranda-ng-debug-symbols*.7z from the corresponding source (stable/latest, x32/x64)
  • Extract .pdb files named identically with your plugins from the archive to main Miranda NG folder. Do not extract anything to Plugins folder.
  • Try to reproduce the crash.
  1. Wrong: Some debug symbols are missing which is denoted by lines "(filename not available) (0): (function-name not available)" with Miranda core/plugins names (Lines with USER32, ntdll, kernel32, etc. don't matter).
  2. Right: All debug symbols are in place, no lines "(filename not available) (0): (function-name not available)" with Miranda core/plugins names.

Tips and tricks

  • Upload your crash reports to or
  • Each time you update the plugins you have to re-download the debug symbols.