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Hotkey Description
Ctrl+O Invoke the container options dialog while the input area has the focus.
Alt+E Bring up the smiley selection window.
Alt+T Toggle the toolbar.
Ctrl+P Invoke the Protocol Menu (works with and without the toolbar visible).
Ctrl+ or Ctrl+ Scroll through the stored messages quickly (see Input history).
Alt+H Invoke the history window.
Ctrl+U / Ctrl+I / Ctrl+B Toggle text formatting (underlined, italics, bold).
⇧ Shift+↵ Enter Another shortcut for sending a message (if the option Send on Shift+Enter is enabled, otherwise it inserts a soft line feed).
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Close the active tab.
Esc Minimize container or Close current tab if enabled in the Options.
Ctrl+S Activate the Send Menu.
F12 Toggles "freeze message log updates". When enabled, all updates to the message log are frozen until you disable it again. That means, new messages are NOT sent to the message log. However, these messages are not lost, they are internally queued and will be written to the message log when you unfreeze it. Useful, if you want to avoid automatic scrolling because of incoming messages while reading something in the message history. This feature does not work in group chats (yet).
Ctrl+M Insert Math tags to the input area.
Alt+I Quick show / hide the info panel. This is temporary and not saved.
Alt+B Toggle BiDi option (switch message log between RTL and LTR). Note that this is not needed for some protocols as they have automatic detection for incoming and outgoing RTL text.
Alt+M Activate multisend mode (and set the focus to the multisend contact list).
Ctrl+D Paste and send immediately, pastes the contents of the clipboard to the message input area and immediately sends the message. Needs to be enabled in Miranda NG under Options → Message sessions → General[tab] → Sending messages.
Ctrl+Alt+Home Scroll to top of log.
Ctrl+Alt+End Scroll to bottom of log.
Ctrl+L Clear log.
Ctrl+Alt+ Scroll up the log.
Ctrl+Alt+Page Up Scroll up the log faster.
Ctrl+Alt+ Scroll down the log.
Ctrl+Alt+Page Down Scroll down the log faster.
Alt+1 to Alt+0 Select the corresponding tab ("mIRC style" tab selection hotkeys). Alt+1 will select the leftmost (first) tab, and Alt+0 the rightmost (last) tab. Maybe confusing if you have more tabs than actually fit on a single row.
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Tab ↹ Select the previous tab.
Ctrl+Tab ↹ Select the next tab.
Ctrl+U Activate the first tab with unread messages (flashing icon).
Ctrl+R Activate the tab with the most recent unread event.
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+U and Ctrl+⇧ Shift+R Global search hotkeys. They are working exactly like Ctrl+U and Ctrl+R, except that they search all open containers for unread events. These hotkeys are global and always active, even when no Miranda window currently has the focus.
Alt+NumPad + and Alt+NumPad − Cycle tabs.

Automatic, localized table with TabSRMM's hotkeys.