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-- core module (m) is included by default --- include m_clist module local clist = require('m_clist') --- include m_genmenu module local genmenu = require('m_genmenu') -- include m_icolib module local icolib = require('m_icolib')

-- Add icon for menu items local hRestartIcon = icolib.AddIcon('restartIcon', 'Restart')

-- Subscribe to Lua script loaded event m.OnScriptLoaded(function()

 -- Add menu item to main menu that allow to restart Miranda NG
 hRestartMenuItem = clist.AddMainMenuItem({ Name = "Restart", Icon = hRestartIcon, Service = "Miranda/System/Restart" })


-- Subscribe to Lua script unload event m.OnScriptUnload(function()

 -- remove menu item from main menu
 hRestartMenuItem = genmenu.RemoveMenuItem(hRestart)