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Setting Type Default Description
Locale String none Get Facebook errors in specific language: "en_US", "cs_CZ", etc (requires restart to apply).
NaseemsSpamMode Byte 0 1 = Don't add contacts when we send message to them from other instances, add them only when they reply.
NoChatMessageReadNotify Byte 0 1 = Ignore chat message read notify.
OpenUrlBrowser Unicode none Open URLs in different browser. The value is path to browser, in account's branch.
PagePrefix Unicode 📄 Prefix for name of "page" contacts (requires restart to apply).
PollRate Byte 24 Between 10 and 60 = Waiting time between buddy list and newsfeed parsing (in seconds).
SendMessageTries Byte 1 Between 1 and 5 = Number of tries to send message.
TimeoutsLimit Byte 3 Errors limit after which FB disconnects.

Automatic, localized table with Facebook's hidden settings.