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Version: 0.96.1


Released: in development

Database migration: the current Dbx_mdbx database driver will be finally postponed and replaced with the brand new Dbx_sqlite driver.

You will get a message on startup This database is in the old format that isn't supported anymore. Press Yes to convert it to the new format or No to return. The conversion should be transparent, also the old database will be backed up. Though it seems reasonable that you make your backup of Miranda profile before the upgrade.

In addition, it is highly recommended to check (Main menu → Database → Check database) and compact (Main menu → Database → Compact) the database before updating.

You need to have Dbx_mdbx driver and Import installed, if not, an error message will point you to the given links.

Dummy protocol with custom Unique ID setting option should be imported manually after migration.

After conversion, the encryption of the database will be reset to standard, and the password will be removed. Remember to select your preferred encryption mode and set a password if required.

Core and libraries

  • updated lubcurl and SQLite libraries.
  • Issue #2812 restored ❌ mark icon when the profile is in use.
  • Issue #2782 fixed dynamic plugin loading problems.
  • fixed memory corruption in service mode.
  • Issue #2797 fixed inability to disable any menu item under Windows XP.
  • Issue #2802 fixed duplicating options after opening account settings in the account manager.
  • Issue #2836 fixed a serious vulnerability: storing the database password in memory.


  • Discord
    • fixed N/A status restoration after login.
    • Issue #2838 groupchat messages were retrieved from history without nicks.
  • ICQ
    • Issue #2800 fixed contact's duplication after import in the service mode.
  • IRC
    • removed list of (mostly) dead predifinied IRC servers.
    • Issue #2798 no more "Networks": one account — one server.


  • AuthState
    • Issue #2786 removed Enable menu item option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • BossKey
    • Issue #2781 removed Create a main menu item option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • Dbx_sqlite
    • Issue #2822 implemented total encryption support.
    • implemented database checker.
    • fixed crash on contact deletion.
  • Import
    • Issue #2789 fixed Do not load the import plugin at startup again option.
    • Issue #2839 fixed loss of keyboard focus in the first launch wizard window.
  • HTTPServer
    • Issue #2783 removed Enable HTTP server and Show HTTP server statistics options (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • NotesReminders
    • Issue #2776 added filter to reminders list.
    • Issue #2777 removed Add Contact list menu items option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
    • Issue #2772 fixed changing the date of the reminder to an earlier one.
    • Issue #2773 fixed changing the time of the reminder to an earlier one.
    • Issue #2778 fixed display of non-ANSI characters on English-language systems.
    • Issue #2780 fixed prolongation of a triggered reminder.
    • Issue #2793 fixed date shift caused by time zone.
    • Issue #2794 fixed unwanted change in window width caused by the scrollbar.
  • PluginUpdater
    • Issue #2792 fixed "every X days" option (options dialog had a bug which leaded to improper combobox behaviour, so user could get an interval of 5 hours instead of 5 days).
  • Scriver
    • Issue #2837 fixed clearing internal chat log in groupchat after file sent via HTTP File Upload.
  • Sessions
    • plugin completely redesigned to store data in JSON instead of spreading them all over the settings.
    • Issue #2816 Save and close option accidentally closed the message log instead of the container (StdMsg and Scriver).
    • Issue #2819 fixed manual session saving.
  • SimpleStatusMsg
    • Issue #2833 removed Show 'Status message...' item in status menu option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • StartupSilence
    • Issue #2784 removed Main Menu Item (plugin reload or Miranda restart required) option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • WebView
    • Issue #2835 removed Disable main menu items option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).

For developers

  • added Clist modern skin development guide.
  • Menu_ConfigureItem(hUserMenu, MCI_OPT_DISABLED, TRUE) — a setting to make a menu item hidden by default.
  • ME_SYSTEM_MODULELOAD & ME_SYSTEM_MODULEUNLOAD: added handler parameter passing.