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Version: 0.96.1


Released: in development

Database migration: the current Dbx_mdbx database driver will be finally postponed and replaced with the brand new Dbx_sqlite driver.

You will get a message on startup This database is in the old format that isn't supported anymore. Press Yes to convert it to the new format or No to return. The conversion should be transparent, also the old database will be backed up. Though it seems reasonable that you make your backup of Miranda profile before the upgrade.

In addition, it is highly recommended to check (Main menu → Database → Check database) and compact (Main menu → Database → Compact) the database before updating.

You need to have Dbx_mdbx driver and Import installed, if not, an error message will point you to the given links.

Dummy protocol with custom Unique ID setting option should be imported manually after migration.

After conversion, the encryption of the database will be reset to standard, and the password will be removed. Remember to select your preferred encryption mode and set a password if required.
Important is closed due to low popularity.

Core and libraries

  • added ability to hide group chats (same way as regular contacts).
  • added Visual Studio 2022 support.
  • first step towards Linux support — mir_core that builds under Linux.
  • updated BASS, libcurl, libtox, PCRE, pthreads-win32 (pthreads4w), SQLite, and TinyXML2 libraries.
  • Issue #2871 fixed crash at message window open.
  • fixed crash when account name equals protocol name.
  • fixed some problems on exit.
  • Issue #2992 fixed autoexec files deletion if Miranda is installed into Program Files (privilege escalation will be requested).
  • Issue #3012 fixed crash when adding a hotkey to an action that has a slash in its name.
  • Autoexec import form: Move button no longer wipe file if the source and destination filename are the same.
  • dropped Microsoft CryptoAPI support. All work with secure connections is now done using OpenSSL libraries, which are now included in the core package.
  • removed GG protocol from the installer (protocol still supported by Miranda).


  • Discord
    • Issue #2994 deprecated. Discord Inc. made protocol development as difficult as possible. Contacts and history will be automatically converted to the Dummy protocol.
  • Facebook
    • Issue #2901 added popup if login/password are incorrect.
    • fixed reading more than 500 contacts from friends list.
    • removed contact search (not implemented in the protocol).
  • ICQ
    • fixed very rare crash on login.
    • Issue #2733 fixed "Unknown contact" which remained in the contact list after blocking the spam chat.
    • fixed contact addition.
    • Issue #2940 fixed ignoring contact status changes during an active session.
    • Issue #2972 fixed login/registration by phone number.
    • Issue #2981 fixed contacts search if user logged in by phone number.
    • Issue #2989 fixed history loading if user logged in by phone number.
    • fixed reading file transfer's descriptions.
  • IRC
    • Issue #3000 popup about settings errors is no longer shown if the protocol is offline.
    • Issue #2928 removed Scripting support option.
  • Jabber
    • added Display popups with errors option.
    • added "DisableOmemo" hidden option to disable OMEMO per contact.
    • Issue #2966 included OS version into hash calculation.
    • Issue #2750 fixed XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption. Now it should work not only between Mirandas.
    • fixed drawing mood icons in the contact list (as advanced status icons).
    • Issue #2910 fixed some connection problems.
    • Issue #2915 fixed delay at shutdown.
    • Issue #3014 stopped additional space adding to MirVer when software version string is empty.
    • Issue #3015 fixed crash on startup.
    • Issue #3022 fixed missing file transfers failure messages.
  • MRA
    • Issue #2934 fixed login with password.
    • Issue #2939 fixed inability to login into MRA by phone/SMS if same phone number connected to MRA account and ICQ account at the same time.
  • Twitter
    • fixed rare crash in avatar reader.
    • fixed Unicode in chat user names.
    • twits from unknown contacts are no more ignored but rather marked as temporary.
  • VKontakte
    • added crutch for login after entering confirmation code (VK returns 404 instead of token).
    • fixed "Invisible" status.
    • fixed authorization.
    • fixed audio messages sending.
    • fixed 2-factor authorization.
    • fixed captcha form.
    • Issue #2965 fixed display of cyrillic messages about page actions in Scriver.


  • AVS
    • fixed memory corruption.
  • Clist_modern
    • Issue #2895 fixed various quirks with embedded clists, metacontacts & drag-n-drops.
    • Issue #2991 fixed crash on moving group.
    • fixed occasional crash under Wine.
  • DbChecker
    • restored ability to fix UTF-8 in old events.
    • fixes #3020 (DbChecker: добавить функцию удаления дубликатов событий из базы)
  • Dbx_sqlite
    • Issue #2917 (Changing the password immediately after changing the encryption type no more destroys database.
  • Dummy
    • fixes #3004 (Dummy: при автоматическом переводе учётки депрекейтнутого протокола на Dummy не заполняется шаблон)
  • IEView
    • fixed broken templates.
    • Issue #3023 fixed displaying file transfer's descriptions.
  • Import
    • added file events import from JSON.
    • fixed setting correct blob size when importing from JSON.
  • Msg_Export
    • Issue #2942 added Export history contact menu item.
    • fixed replacing contact IDs in file names.
    • fixed file descriptions export.

mRadio to read ini file from Plugins/mRadio folder instead of Plugins itself

Nudge and other plugins expect /Sounds, not /Skins/Sounds 0e6e99deddbd521a44c6e6b3431d5042ece923d9

  • QuickSearch
    • rewritten from Pascal to C++.
    • removed Close button.
  • StdUIHist
    • Issue #2893 added Ctrl+F hotkey.
    • Issue #2907 added Del hotkey.
    • Issue #2914 added ability to empty system history.
    • fixes #2906 (User history dialog GUI)
    • fixes #2905 (Issues while searching in user history)
  • TabSRMM
    • added new "aero" custom theme (better suites for dark themes).
    • fixes #2984 (tabSRMM: status change events ignore font & color settings)
  • UInfoEx
    • average age calculation fix
    • Issue #3001 removed (obsolete) mBirthday support.
    • fixes #3018 (UserInfoEx: проблемы с запоминанием сортировки)
  • Weather
    • Issue #2872 added "partly sunny" as alias for "cloudy".
    • fixes #2886 (Weather: display weather as extra-icon instead of status)
    • gismeteo.ini and weatherxml.ini are moved to deprecated.
    • fixed update time for MSN Weather.
    • Issue #2872 fixed incorrect icons mapping.
    • display weather as extra-icon instead of status #2886
    • строки нужно переводить до сборки, а не после #2889
    • added Snow Shower/Rain Shower conditions' detection;

fixes #2931(ini files in Utf-8 are not processed) Weather: add and support (thx Dimtr)

For developers

  • added CCtrlListView::MoveItem, CCtrlListView::SetCurSel, CCtrlCombo::SelectData — new useful methods.
  • hidden function Proto_GetAccount exported as Proto_GetContactAccount.
  • added CCtrlCombo::GetCurData - suitable helper for combo boxes.
  • added SetDraw(bool bEnable) — a wrapper for WM_SETREDRAW command.
  • added mir_wstrstri — case-insensitive search of substring, Unicode version.
  • added MS_HISTORY_EMPTY — a service to empty history.
  • added PU::IsMirandaFolderWritable — core function to detect if need to draw a shield on buttons that require escalation.