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Version: 0.95.9

Rev: v0.95.9

Released: 5 September 2018

<translate> Important</translate>
If database autobackup and compression do not work after the update, create a clean profile and import all the data from the old profile into it.


  • Miranda can now be really built using Makefiles.
  • mirandaboot.ini: for the corporate users SilentUpgrade flag was added into mirandaboot.ini to silently upgrade database from dbx_mmap tp dbx_mdbx.
  • fixed some bugs which could lead to database destruction.
  • Miranda no longer allows you to copy the currently used database. The database must be copied only via Db_autobackups to prevent database destruction. Db_autobackups was added to the core package.
  • exe loader extracted to the separate module, now it's possible to compile all exe using shared runtime modules.

Core and libraries

  • updated libcurl, liblua, libmdbx, libpng, libtox, libsodium, PCRE and SQLite libraries.
  • merged StdIdle with mir_app. Idle now a part of StdAutoAway, so Idle can not work with AdvancedAutoAway (StatusManager module) simultaneously.
  • added Phoenix detection.
  • added new functions to access mirandaboot.ini from all plugins
    • Profile_GetSetting() — reads a string from mirandaboot.ini
    • Profile_GetSettingInt() — reads an integer from mirandaboot.ini
  • don't close "Create new account" window forcefully if user not set account name.
  • fake Dummy account types shall not be available for addition.


  • EmLanProto
    • fixed Cyrillic receiving.
    • fixed contact search.
  • ICQ
    • fixed crash on file receive.
  • Jabber
    • added Cancel button to registration confirmation dialog.
    • added ability to get own vcard from remote server.
  • MRA
    • fixed broken folder name in MRA file transfers.
  • MSN
    • fixed receiving files from Desktop client clipboard.
  • Sametime
    • protocol menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-Sametime contacts.
  • Steam
    • protocol menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-Steam contacts.
  • Tox
    • if contact nick is null add Tox ID instead.


  • Boltun
    • plugin menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-IM contacts.
  • Clist_modern
    • frames settings are no longer reset when changing the language.
  • Clist_nicer
    • frames settings are no longer reset when changing the language.
    • fix a bug due to which when connecting to only some protocols, the notification area icon shows offline icon.
  • Db_autobackups
    • Backup profile folder option now excludes backup folder from resulting archive to prevent recursion (each new copy contains all previous ones, which leads to the exhaustion of free space).
    • fixed wrong date in archive header.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • libmdbx extracted to separate dll.
  • Import
    • added ability to import history in JSON format.
    • added ability to import history in mContacts format.
    • plugin shouldn't import .bak second time in service mode.
  • MirLua
    • reworked http module.
    • removed Send method.
    • added Request method to create request without sending.
    • added async callbacks.
    • added new helper function luaM_isarray.
    • fixed print of decimal point.
    • m_json module
      • added __pairs metamethod support.
    • m_http module
      • send function should create copy of request object to prevent side effects in async calls.
      • fixed lua functions call.
      • fixed memory leaks.
    • add ability to compile scripts.
    • added "Evaluate" option page.
    • added open and openPage into m_options.
  • MirOTR
    • plugin menu items shouldn't be displayed for non-IM contacts.
  • Msg_Export
    • added ability to export messages to JSON.
  • PluginUpdater
    • added Stable version with debug symbols update channel.
    • updater now deletes debug symbols (*.pdb) if update channel switched from "with sdebug symbols" to "without debug symbols".
    • if user changes the update channel, the updater will be called automatically.
  • Scriver
    • added Send message on Shift+Enter option.
  • SmileyAdd
    • removed obsolete option Enable built-in message dialog support.
    • removed Smiley button option. Toolbar buttons for all plugins are configurable from the Options → Message sessions → Toolbar. There is no need to duplicate the same functionality in the plugin settings.
  • StatusManager
    • added ability to react to terminal session disconnection.
    • added Enter idle mode option.
  • TabSRMM
    • removed bugged and not working Remember and set keyboard layout per contact and Automatic keyboard layout: Do not load the system default for new contacts options. The current keyboard layout in the status bar is also removed because it can not exist without these settings.
    • removed useless Enable typing sounds option. Users still can assign sound to this action in "Sounds".
    • fixed message text highlighting