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Version: 0.95.8

Rev: v0.95.8

Released: 4 May 2018

Database migration: the current dbx_mmap database driver will be finally postponed and replaced with the brand new dbx_mdbx driver.

You will get a message on startup This database is in old format that isn't supported anymore. Press Yes to convert it to the new format or No to return back. The conversion should be transparent, also the old database will be backed up. Though it seems reasonable that you make your own backup of Miranda profile before the upgrade.

You need to have Dbx_mdbx driver and Import installed, if not, an error message will point you to the given links.

Dummy protocol with custom Unique ID setting option should be imported manually after migration.

Core and libraries

  • added module name to CustomizeMenus.
  • merged StdAuth and StdHelp with mir_app.
  • updated libcurl and Pcre16.
  • protocol plugins can be loaded/unloaded dynamically similar to usual plugins.
  • "Tray menu → Status" can change language without restart.
  • contacts from disabled accounts and protocols are no longer displayed in the contact list.


  • AIM
    • deprecated. AOL Instant Messenger products and services will no longer work. Contacts and history will be automatically converted to the Dummy protocol.
  • EmLanProto
    • converted into Unicode.
    • fixed UTF-8 autodetect in messages.
    • added ability to specify contact's IP directly (before - only through broadcast).
  • Facebook
    • added custom reactions' icons to popups.
  • GG
    • updated libgadu to 1.11.4.
    • force SSL and manual hosts.
    • force keeping connection alive.
    • send ping only once per minute.
    • updated old servers list.
    • displaying reconnection required info with every change related to connection settings.
  • IRC
    • added support SASL authentication.
  • MSN
    • using OpenSSL instead of custom DES implementation.
  • Steam
    • fixed double encoding of username.
    • fixed high CPU usage.
    • fixed shown retrieved offline messages as sent by the recipient instead of the sender.
    • added detection of VR client into MirVer.
    • added Error limit before logout setting.
  • Tox
    • libtox builded from sources instead of using prebuild dll.
    • updated libtox to version 0.2.2.
    • added Enable UDP hole-punching and Enable local network peer discovery options.
    • added ability to encrypt profile.
  • VKontakte
    • added edited message support (from VK to Miranda only).
    • added hidden settings StickerBackground and StickerSize.
  • WhatsApp
    • deprecated. The protocol requires end-to-end encryption, which is not implemented in Miranda. Contacts and history will be automatically converted to the Dummy protocol.


  • AdvaImg
    • deprecated. FreeImage library was turned into a standalone dynamic library file FreeImage.mir and could be found in Libs subfolder.
  • Clist_modern
    • fixed a very old bug when selection jumps to the first line during group's expansion/contraction.
    • fixed there is no place to enter the second digit from keyboard in plugin settings.
  • CloudFile
    • added support for the usual accounts system.
  • CrashDumper
    • fixed bug leading to VersionInfo shows langpack that was loaded at startup (i.e., the one from mirandaboot.ini setting), not the one that the profile is actually using.
  • FltContacts
    • added warning if plugin is installed and "Disable drag and drop of items" in contact list settings is enabled.
  • MirLua
    • added new functions: toansi and toucs2.
    • removed ffi module.
  • MyDetails
    • fixed Chinese chars in the protocol's frame.
  • Quotes
    • added Bitcoin price.
    • fixed Google Finance information retrieving.
  • Scriver
    • fixed crash on recursive contact deletion.
    • removed Show and hide by double clicking in the contact list option.
  • SmileyAdd
    • replaced built-in obsolete third-party regexp parser by PCRE.
    • removed XEP smiley packs support.
  • Spamotron
    • updated SQLite library. Move library to the separate dll.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed crash after paste.
    • removed Toggle the visible state when double clicking in the contact list option.
    • chat message window text color can be set independently of private window text color.
    • fixed multiple problems with window resizer.
    • fixed cursor does not change the shape.
    • double click on group chat in contact list now make tab active and close tab only if tab is already active.
    • right click → "Close tab" now really close a tab.
    • fixed new message icon behaviour for group chats.
    • fixed default checkboxes state.
    • fixed wrong container's name.
    • fixed current tab is not updated on end resize.
    • removed Use the contact's status icon as the window icon option.
  • TabSRMM
    • removed Hide or show the window by double click in the contact list option.
    • if a user's avatar was changed, redraw it and all related objects (including thumb window in a taskbar).
    • fixed idle message isn't reset in group chats.
    • fixed Hide title bar container menu item.
    • fixed chat filter works only after click.
  • TopToolBar
    • fixed bunch of problems with Launch Buttons.
  • WebView
    • fixed horror in contact settings.