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Version: 0.95.6

Rev: v0.95.6

Released: 4 October 2017

During the development of this release, we moved our development platform to GitHub. You can now report new issues here. All old issues have been moved there.

We also merged and deprecated some plugin to make plugin development and distribution easier.

All our resources (and PluginUpdater too) now use secure connection (HTTPS).

Full changelog below:


  • Discord:
    • first stable version.
  • Facebook
    • fix parsing attachments.
    • load only friends at login (because of some change on Facebook side it started sending not only friends, but also other people we talked in some time in history).
    • fix support for "new" group chat.
    • add searching by entering profile URL (into ID field).
    • add option to make Pages always invisible.
    • add ability to search Facebook pages.
    • raise limit for ignoring duplicated messages.
    • fix reseting chat name (when user changed thread name from website and set it to "", in Miranda it previously stay "". Now it correctly generates new name from participant names).
    • fix joining chats that doesn't have nick in database.
    • add new option to not send typing when invisible.
  • GG
    • fix SSL connection.
  • ICQ
    • remove Enable AIM support option (now always on).
  • Jabber
  • MSN
    • bump Skype version number to make it login again to the login servers (Microsoft killed off old versions).
    • raise password length limit to 99 chars.
  • SkypeWeb
    • fix disappearing status message.
    • fix decode numeric html entities.
    • fix saving Unicode status messages.
    • switch to new contacts API.
  • Tox:
  • VKontakte
    • add user deactivate events.
    • add new options: Load last messages when message window open and local history is empty, Add message link to messages with attachments and Notify about changes of contacts audio broadcast.
    • rename Automatically wipe local contacts missing in your friend list option to Load only friends to local contact list.
    • if option Load only friends to local contact list is true, non-friends contact are not created on loading dialogs and are not cleaned automatically on loading friend list.
    • remove Use non-standard urlEncode for sent messages (less traffic) option (now ExpUrlEncode is used by default).
    • add hidden settings ShowVkDeactivateEvents, UseStandardUrlEncode and FloodListingToPopups.
  • Yahoo
    • deprecated (Yahoo killed its old protocol).


  • merge status plugins (AdvancedAutoAway, KeepStatus, StartupStatus) into one plugin — StatusManager.
  • Alarms
    • allow select day of week when adding new alarm.
  • Clist_modern
    • add ability to work without avatar service (AVS).
  • CloudFile:
    • first stable version.
  • Db_autobackups:
    • change max backups number from 100 to 9999.
  • Dbx_mmap:
    • add autologin feature (if enabled "RememberPassword" key in [Database] section of mirandaboot.ini, will store password into Windows Credential Manager).
  • GmailNotifier
    • increase name and password size to 256.
  • GTalkExt
    • move to deprecated.
  • MirLua
    • add ability to iterate accounts by protocol name.
  • MirOTR
    • fix incorrect changing of Conv HTML field together with Policy.
  • ModernOpt
    • move to deprecated.
  • Msg Export
    • optimize exporting (makes export about 13.5x faster).
    • allow entering "0" for no limit of line width.
    • fix exporting Unicode messages.
    • add Notepad++ to options dialog predefined editors.
  • OpenSSL
    • include OpenSSL libraries in core. User don't have to search and install them themself. Users who don't use PluginUpdater can download them here and put to /Libs subfolder.
  • Quotes
    • add chart.
  • SeenPlugin
    • add ability to work with accounts which use "space" in internal name.
  • SendSS
    • fix uploadpie upload by using HTTPS.
  • SmileyAdd
    • fix smiley list scrolling from keyboard.
  • StdChat
  • TabSRMM
    • allow '0' in Flash containers setting to disable flashing.
    • fix the very old bug causing incorrect display of undelivered messages.
  • XSoundNotify
    • add ability to set own sound for account.
  • YahooGroups
    • deprecated.