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Version: 0.95.11


Released: in development

Core and libraries

  • updated libcurl and SQLite libraries.
  • Search field can now search in the language of the current language pack, not only in English.
  • fixme.cmd no more fails if path to profile contains spaces.
  • column headers text returned to Find/add contacts... dialog.


  • ICQ
    • ICQ servers drops old auth scheme support. We deprecated old OSCAR protocol completely and implemented support for a brand new WIM protocol, but it currently lacks many features. See plugin page for detailed information. Supported features:
      • login by UIN/password and phone number/SMS.
      • single messaging and group chats.
      • loading and storing contacts on server (contact list synced with server at every login).
      • user typing notifications.
      • avatar changing.
      • search by UIN/phone number.
      • offline messaging.
      • loading unread messages from server.
      • marking messages as read.
      • user details.
      • contact's last active time (only for ICQ 10 or ICQ Mobile).
    • completely removed xStatuses support.
  • Jabber
    • fixed occasional crash during registration at


  • CrashDumper
    • Use classic dates option no longer depends on Generate crash reports option.
  • TabSRMM
    • fixed crash on plugin unload.

  • fixes #1734 (dynamic plugin's presence checker)

- fixes #1662 (FTPFile: Default account's names looks weird)