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Version: 0.95.11


Released: in development

fixes #372 (MirandaG15 plugin crashes when Logitech Gaming Software exits)

VKontakte: fix typing on invisible status

VKontakte: fix mark messages as read on typing if user is invisible

fixes #1910 (Jabber: Service Discovery doesn't work on OpenFire)

fixes #1917 (Jabber p2p file transfer not working anymore)

Jabber Miranda to generate globally unique packet ids;

Netlib_AddressToString expects input in network byte order (fixes issue #1764)

- all these menu items & Visible List editor removed; - all control over permit/deny lists went to Options - Contact - Visibility; - fixes #1915 (impossible to set visibility for ICQ contacts)

fixes #1909 (ICQ-WIM: on startup history of the only contact is synced)

SQLite: update to 3.28

new_gpg: load key fix

VKontakte: send .ogg as audio messages

VKontakte: audio message attachments type support

fixes #1925 ([Discord] Guildchat information for "general" chat is stored in the "Server" contact, resulting in history retrieval issues)

fixes #1923 (ShellExt doesn't work in Windows 64)

Db_autobackups: fix for a quirk in the file mask's default value

ICQ - added "Show error popups" options;

cause Import is packed into the core, pre16.mir is also included into the core and excluded from plugins' archives

- fixes #1930 (crash when launching pu_stub under Windows 7);

fixes #1928 (ICQ: first manual reconnect after manual disconnect is always failed)

- fixes #1927 (Hidden db option for hiding specified component from PU);