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Rev: v0.95.10.3

Released: 28 July 2019

Sometimes Facebook temporarily locks an account due to a suspicious activity or labels Miranda NG as some "malware who hacked an account". There is no solution at the moment. We need a developer who understands the MQTT protocol.

Core and libraries

  • both Miranda and Visual C++ runtimes are built with Spectre Variant 1 mitigations.
  • updated libcurl, libmdbx, iibssh2, libtox, and SQLite libraries.
  • cause Import is packed into the core package, PCRE library is also included in the core package.
  • excluded dbx_mmap from core package (you can still install it via the PluginUpdater for import purposes).
  • removed On the Phone and Out to Lunch statuses (they were used only by the old ICQ protocol).
  • removed very scarce and inactive langpacks: Croatian and Serbian.


  • Discord
    • fixed history retrieval for "general" chat.
    • fixed problems of small guilds (missing nick list, duplicate group chat messages).
  • Facebook
    • fixed loading of contacts' statuses.
    • fixed notifications issue.
  • ICQ
    • added password prompt if no password found in database.
    • added Remember this session password option to password prompt.
    • added Show error popups option.
    • removed Ignore List editor; all control over permit/deny lists went to Options → Contacts → Visibility. Note that in the ICQ protocol, invisibility and ignore are the same.
    • fixed broken search by phone number
    • first manual reconnect after manual disconnect was always failed.
    • the last message was added with wrong date/time on the first run.
    • protocol wasn't retrieve avatars if they were occasionally removed from disk.
    • on startup history of the only contact was synced.
    • fixed server group parsing.
  • Jabber
    • packet IDs now have a mir_<random_numbers>_ prefix instead of mir_, which caused a problem with Bria Mobile.
    • from now on Miranda requests a personal vCard from the server once a day. If its hash does not match the saved one, a presence with а new hash of the entire vCard will be sent to all contacts from the roster. Thus, all contacts (also using Miranda NG and later) will receive updated user information.
    • global vcard hash added to the presence.
    • buttons' icons could disappear after clicking OK.
    • Service Discovery didn't work on OpenFire.
    • removed support for obsolete XEP-0008: IQ-Based Avatars.
    • fixed broken p2p file transfer.
    • fixed crash if server required a captcha.
    • fixed file transfers if UPnP is used.
  • MRA
    • added some missing status icons.
  • SkypeWeb
    • increased length of ID field from 32 to 128 characters.
    • saving history in the correct order.
    • fixed caching wrong server address (e.g. when using a captive portal).
    • fixed contact/auth requests: searching, accepting a request, sending request, show requests without the need to relogin, deleting a contact.
  • Tox
    • added some missing icons to the protocol's menu.
    • a stuck file transfer caused a crash on Miranda exit.
  • Twitter
    • returned back a contact profile link in the contact list.
  • VKontakte
    • added audio message attachments type support.
    • .ogg files can now be send as audio messages.
    • added hidden option FilterAudioMessages.


  • Clist_modern
    • fixed display custom connection icons after any change in Options → Icons.
  • CurrencyRates
    • fixed missing plugin settings on a cliean profile.
  • Db_autobackups
    • changed default backup mask from %miranda_profilename%.dat_%currtime%_%compname%.dat to %miranda_profilename%_%currtime%_%compname%.dat
    • fixed broken dumps on exit if backup process takes too much time.
  • Import
    • added ability to import history (also in batch mode) from QIP 2005/Infium/2010/2012 and from History++.
    • fixed crash in service mode if run from Profile Manager.
  • MirandaG15
    • fixed plugin crash when Logitech Gaming Software exits.
  • MirLua
    • added interface for extra icons.
  • Msg_Export
    • fixed impossibility to change contact settings for export.
  • PluginUpdater
    • added the hidden option for hiding specified component from the list of updates.
    • pu_stub now works again.
    • fixed crash if the update dialog is closed while a download isn't finished yet.
    • fixed crash when launching pu_stub under Windows 7.
  • Scriver
    • when a new message arrives, the screen reader focus will no longer automatically move to it, allowing you to read previous messages.
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).
  • ShlExt
    • fixed work under Windows 7.
  • StdMsg
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).
  • TabSRMM
    • added option to disable Esc key (Message sessions → Tabs and layout → Esc key behavior).
    • option Add a comma instead of a colon to auto-completed user names now applies not only to auto-complete (Tab ↹) but also to double-click on a nick in nick list.
    • removed TabSRMM_icons_XP icon pack. You can download it from our website.
    • fixed strange right-click behavior in some menus (now right-click does the same thing as left click).

For developers

  • restricted manual access to CList/Group. Use Clist_GetGroup and Clist_SetGroup instead.
  • Button_SetIcon_IcoLib — a helper to set MButton's icon using an icolib handle.