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Version: 0.94.2

Rev: v0.94.2

Released: 28 March 2013

Short changelog:

  • BuddyPounce, MsgPopup, StatusChange plugins were added.
  • Crash in SRMM-related plugins (SmileyAdd, SpellChecker), caused by the various subclassing issues.
  • GTalkExt redesigned, cleaned and fixed in many places, including Google account autodetect. "Open Mailbox" action moved from a clist's contact to the protocol menu in status bar. If you don't see a Google icon there, ensure that you have chosen "GoogleTalk" Jabber account type in the Account Manager.
  • A huge number of resource, memory and handle leaks was fixed in many places, including the plugins written in Pascal.
  • 8-bit icons removed from all places, thus saving a lot of memory.
  • All Folders' paths are Unicode now, paths to avatars standardized.
  • StartupStatus plugin fixed: the Confirmation dialog displays now the correct profile.
  • Many fixes for the New_GPG plugin.
  • Tons of minor cleanups, improvements and enhancements.