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Версія: 0.95.2

Rev: v0.95.2

Выпушчана: 27 ліпеня 2014

List of fixes:

  • due to many complains the profile conversion is performed now by DbChecker from the Profile Manager, instead of making it on the fly. in this mode DbChecker always makes a backup, so if smth went wrong, you'd always have the fresh backup of your database;
  • fix for a very old bug in dbx_mmap that nullified numbers written instead of strings (ruins metacontact's nicks in a context menu after editing MC);
  • fix for the direct file transfers in almost all protocols, borkred two years ago;
  • fix for a bunch of problems in ICQ: wrong user's addition & authorization, bad keep-alive thread behavior, hanging up on exit;
  • all contact list's instances, that live inside various dialogs, received the same style automatically (for example, it fixes a problem with multi-send window in tabSRMM with skins);
  • some minor problem with metacontacts (wrong avatar/status/status message displayed, one can't send messages to offline subs etc)
  • some memory & resource leaks were fixed, including major GDI leak in clist_modern;
  • about 30 another tickets were closed
  • clist_mw was deprecated. Use clist_nicer or clist_modern instead.
  • ImportTXT: added RNQ pattern.
  • VKontakte: support for wall posts
  • Facebook: Add hotkeys for "visit profile" and "visit notifications"
  • Facebook: Fixed creating duplicit chat contacts
  • Fix: Converting a contact into metacontact sometimes renames it
  • FavContacts: - broken group functionality restored; - metacontacts support