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Версія: 0.94.7

Rev: v0.94.7

Выпушчана: 24 студзеня 2014

Please note that your profiles are automatically converted to the new mmap-format and there is no way back to an elder version after the upgrade. It is therefore recommended to make a backup before the upgrade.

Everything that was planned for version 0.94 in the roadmap is implemented now. Thus the 0.94 RC1 (aka 0.94.7) was released today, as a testbed to test the upgrade from any version to 0.94. Any bug reports that could stabilize 0.94 are greatly appreciated.

Short changelog:

  • All functionality of the kernel cyphering is completed.
  • The full encryption mode is finally implemented in Dbx_mmap, including all profile's settings and histories.
  • User can set, change or remove a database password.
  • The "obsoleted" status is therefore assigned to Dbx_3x and Dbx_mmap_SA plugins, they are removed from repository and will be automatically replaced by PluginUpdater.
  • A transparent upgrade is provided from Dbx_3x and Dbx_mmap_SA (both from encrypted and unencrypted modes), all passwords should be automatically updated and recrypted.
  • Chats engine was moved into a kernel, providing the ability to switch correctly from StdChat/Scriver/TabSRMM chats to another on the fly, without any need of restarting Miranda.
  • Chats were implemented in VKontakte protocol.
  • About 20 bugs were fixed and closed.
  • A lot of problems in language packs were fixed.