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Version: 0.95.9

Rev.: v0.95.9

Veröffentlicht: 5. September 2018


Kern und Bibliotheken

  • Die Bibliotheken libcurl, PCRE und SQLite wurden aktualisiert.
  • StdIdle wurde mit mir_app zusammengeführt.
  • Erkennung von Phoenix.



  • Angepasstes Plugin: ProxySwitch.
  • Db_autobackups
    • Backup profile folder option now excludes backup folder from resulting archive.
  • Fingerprint
  • MirLua
    • rework http module.
    • remove Send method.
    • add Request method to create request without sending.
    • add async callbacks.
    • add new helper function luaM_isarray.
    • fix print of decimal point.
    • m_json module
      • add __pairs metamethod support.
    • m_http module
      • send function should create copy of request object to prevent side effects in async calls.
      • fix lua functions call.
      • fix memory leaks.
    • add ability to compile scripts.
  • Quotes
  • Scriver
    • add Send message on Shift+Enter option.
  • SmileyAdd
    • remove obsolete option Enable built-in message dialog support.
    • remove Smiley button option. Toolbar buttons for all plugins are configured from the Options → Message sessions → Toolbar.
  • StatusManager
    • add ability to react to terminal session disconnection.
  • StdMsg
    • add View/change my details... button for TopToolBar.
  • TabSRMM
    • remove bugged and not working Remember and set keyboard layout per contact and Automatic keyboard layout: Do not load the system default for new contacts options.
  • UInfoEx
    • add View/change my details... button for TopToolBar.