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Rev.: v0.95.13.1

Veröffentlicht: 3. Mai 2021

Kern und Bibliotheken

  • updated lubcurl and SQLite libraries.
  • Issue #2812 restored ❌ mark icon when the profile is in use.
  • Issue #2782 fixed dynamic plugin loading problems.
  • fixed memory corruption in service mode.
  • Issue #2797 fixed inability to disable any menu item under Windows XP.
  • Issue #2802 fixed duplicating options after opening account settings in the account manager.
  • Issue #2836 fixed a serious vulnerability: storing the database password in memory.


  • Discord
    • fixed N/A status restoration after login.
    • Issue #2838 groupchat messages were retrieved from history without nicks.
  • ICQ
    • Issue #2800 fixed contact's duplication after import in the service mode.
  • IRC
    • removed list of (mostly) dead predifinied IRC servers.
    • Issue #2798 no more "Networks": one account — one server.


  • AuthState
    • Issue #2786 removed Enable menu item option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • BossKey
    • Issue #2781 removed Create a main menu item option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • Dbx_sqlite
    • Issue #2822 implemented total encryption support.
    • implemented database checker.
    • fixed crash on contact deletion.
  • Import
    • Issue #2789 fixed Do not load the import plugin at startup again option.
    • Issue #2839 fixed loss of keyboard focus in the first launch wizard window.
  • HTTPServer
    • Issue #2783 removed Enable HTTP server and Show HTTP server statistics options (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • NotesReminders
    • Issue #2776 added filter to reminders list.
    • Issue #2777 removed Add Contact list menu items option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
    • Issue #2772 fixed changing the date of the reminder to an earlier one.
    • Issue #2773 fixed changing the time of the reminder to an earlier one.
    • Issue #2778 fixed display of non-ANSI characters on English-language systems.
    • Issue #2780 fixed prolongation of a triggered reminder.
    • Issue #2793 fixed date shift caused by time zone.
    • Issue #2794 fixed unwanted change in window width caused by the scrollbar.
  • PluginUpdater
    • Issue #2792 fixed "every X days" option (options dialog had a bug which leaded to improper combobox behaviour, so user could get an interval of 5 hours instead of 5 days).
  • Scriver
    • Issue #2837 fixed clearing internal chat log in groupchat after file sent via HTTP File Upload.
  • Sessions
    • plugin completely redesigned to store data in JSON instead of spreading them all over the settings.
    • Issue #2816 Save and close option accidentally closed the message log instead of the container (StdMsg and Scriver).
    • Issue #2819 fixed manual session saving.
  • SimpleStatusMsg
    • Issue #2833 removed Show 'Status message...' item in status menu option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • StartupSilence
    • Issue #2784 removed Main Menu Item (plugin reload or Miranda restart required) option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).
  • WebView
    • Issue #2835 removed Disable main menu items option (use Options → Customise → Menus instead).

Für Entwickler

  • added Clist modern skin development guide.
  • Menu_ConfigureItem(hUserMenu, MCI_OPT_DISABLED, TRUE) — a setting to make a menu item hidden by default.
  • ME_SYSTEM_MODULELOAD & ME_SYSTEM_MODULEUNLOAD: added handler parameter passing.