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Version: 0.95.11

Rev.: v0.95.11

Veröffentlicht: 2. Februar 2020

Falls Sie nach dem Update den Fehler Miranda konnte Profil 'Profilname' nicht öffnen, da es in einem unbekannten Format vorliegt." bekommen, folgen Sie bitte diesen Anweisungen.

Diese Version beinhaltet zwei Hauptfunktionen:

  • Vereinheitlichtes Nachrichtenfenster

Dies ist der erste Schritt zur Idee, dass das selbe Nachrichtenfenster-Plugin für Einzel- und Gruppenchats verwendet werden kann. Nun enthält jedes solche Plugin (StdMsg, Scriver, TabSRMM) nur eine Klasse für beide Chattypen. Die Nickliste kann dynamisch versteckt werden, so dass so ein Einzelchat in ein Gruppenchat umgewandelt werden kann (wenn bspw. eine dritte Person zur Unterhaltung hinzugefügt wird).

  • Vereinheitlichten Verlaufsbetrachter

Diese Funktion erlaubt es einem Plugin, sich als Verlaufsbetrachter zu registrieren. Ein Benutzer kann so zwischen dem eingebauten Betrachter oder einem alternativen Plugin (wie IEView oder History++) umschalten, nicht nur in TabSRMM wie zuvor sondern auch in den anderen Plugins (StdMsg, Scriver), und externe Plugins auch für den Gruppenchat-Verlauf verwenden. Auch ein neues Plugin, NewStory, ist in Arbeit.

Kern und Bibliotheken

  • updated BASS, libcurl, libmdbx, SQLite, and tinyxml2 libraries.
  • mdbx_chk: useful utility to check database integrity.
  • Issue #2083 newly added sub-contact didn’t get the "hidden" flag in the database.
  • Issue #2107 trailing extra icons weren't wiped from the contact list after disabling a corresponding plugin.
  • Issue #2157 database drivers shouldn't have unload checkbox.


  • Discord
    • added offline file transfers support capability.
    • added support for own message deletion.
    • Issue #2117 added custom status support.
    • Issue #2080 protocol menu was lost during dynamic account creation.
    • Issue #2115 everyone else in a group chat other than you will have their messages appear as if the contact whose chat got transformed into the group is speaking. This was fixed.
  • Facebook
    • Issue #2058 brand new Facebook plugin based on MQTT protocol instead of the old deprecated plugin that used direct parsing of HTTP pages. The main advantage of the new plugin is that it doesn't block your account and works pretty fast. All users are welcome to test new plugin, any feedback is greatly appreciated as well as bug reports at our tracker.
  • ICQ
    • Mail.ru (ICQ owner) automatically deletes accounts that have not been used for more than a year from the system and from the server contact list. Miranda no longer removes such contacts from the database to avoid the loss of history.
    • added error code detection during addBuddy (we allow to add [deleted] contacts, but only locally).
    • added the experimental server group editor (but the server allows you to edit only groups created by the new protocol).
    • Issue #2076 removed 80x80 px avatar limitation in avatar management dialog.
    • Issue #2095 removed all statuses except Online and Offline due to the server-side limitation.
    • Issue #2110 display a URL for the uploaded file instead of a local path.
    • fixed problems with old server-side groups, created by Miranda IM.
    • Issue #2024 fixed embedded group problems.
    • Issue #2073 fixed contact moving from root to any group.
    • Issue #2077 ignored contacts now listed in Options → Contacts → Ignore.
    • Issue #2122 manually deleted contact no longer appears again in the contact list.
    • Issue #2153 fixed occasional password reset.
    • Issue #2189 fixed broken file transfers.
  • IRC
    • fixed the 10-years-old bug with displaying own messages with %%.
  • Jabber
    • Issue #1710 implemented XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload (Protocol menu → Services... → Service discovery → Right-click on service → Use for uploads).
    • service-related options moved to the Service discovery menu.
    • Issue #2039 vCard request is no longer tied to the program start, which allows us to update them daily, even if the Miranda uptime is longer.
    • removed Convert to contact and Convert to chat room contact menu items (group chats are long time no stored in the roster, there are bookmarks for this).
    • fixed vCard retrieving problem for group chat contacts with Cyrillic nicks.
    • Issue #2103 fixed avatar retrieving if cached avatar was deleted from disk.
    • Issue #2113 fixed incorrect status in the log when changing the status of a conference member.
  • Steam
    • Issue #1583 enhanced processing of error code 401 (User isn't authorized).
  • Twitter
    • fixed update of user names.
  • VKontakte
    • changed logic for "decide later" on friend request — now one per ReqAuthTimeLater (hidden option, default 86400) sec, not on protocol online.
    • fixed Load only friends to local contact list option.
    • fixed crash upon file sending.
    • Issue #2080 protocol menu was lost during dynamic account creation.


  • CrashDumper
    • Issue #2043 added Display popups about successful actions option (to disable annoying "Version Info upload successful" popup).
    • Issue #2147 fixed Generate crash reports option reset.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • added UI message about successful/unsuccesful database compaction.
    • Issue #2139 fixed accidental hangup when opening newly created profile.
  • Import
    • Issue #2033 fixed the wrong behavior of a dropdown list in the main import dialog.
  • New_GPG
    • improved error handling on public keys import from the main menu.
  • PluginUpdater
    • Issue #2057 added search box to components list.
    • Issue #2069 added Enable HTTPS option (disabled by default in Windows XP).
    • Issue #2070 from now update starts each time a user changes platform, channel or update URL.
  • Scriver
    • fixed mouse scrolling.
    • Issue #2037 when tabs are used, Save size and location for each contact option corrupts window position.
  • StdMsg
    • removed separate Show button for sending messages setting for group chats.
    • removed unneeded Show buttons for controlling the chat room and Show buttons for formatting the text you are typing options.
    • Issue #2032 fixed focus loss when switching tabs.
  • TabSRMM
    • Issue #2091 added Use the same splitter height for all sessions option.
    • Issue #2099 added vertical tabs scrolling by mouse wheel.
    • Issue #2086 removed the empty "Room" menu.
    • fixed sending %% in group chats.
    • Issue #2100 fixed spontaneous tabs scrolling when switching tabs, if the tabs are arranged vertically.
    • Issue #2159 fixed Select font color button.
    • Issue #2023 fixed inability to edit Open new chat rooms in the default container setting when using a screen reader.
    • Issue #2088 Alt button release now close menu bar.
    • Issue #2101 fixed tabs closing when switching layout to vertical.
    • Issue #2144 fixed sound options reset after applying other options.
  • WhoUsesMyFiles
    • Issue #2019 removed Log files and folders in UNC format, Alert files & folders in UNC format, Log computer name with username, and Alert computer name with username options. They were stubs and were never implemented.

Für Entwickler

  • EnterString: added ability to enter simple strings (not multiline).
  • removed useless service MS_UTILS_ENTERSTRING, use EnterString instead.
  • Netlib_GetHeader() — * Netlib_GetHeader() — service function for HTTP-headers analysis.
  • Clist_IsHidden / Clist_HideContact — two helpers to work with CList/Hidden variable.
  • MBinBuffer::assign — function to replace buffer contents.
  • Miranda_GetSystemWindow — returns a common window for creating global timers.
  • useless duplicate function GetContactProto replaced with standard Proto_GetBaseAccountName.
  • end of manual experiments with CList/NotOnList. Use Contact_RemoveFromList and Contact_PutOnList instead.