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Version: 0.95.11


Veröffentlicht: in Entwicklung

Core and libraries

unified fake User-Agent field generation for all http-related protocols

libmdbx: merge with 0.3.2

fixes #2038 (Update tinyxml2 to 7.1.0)


ICQ-WIM: fixes problems with old server-side groups, created by Miranda IM

fixes #2024 (ICQ-WIM: embedded groups problems)

Twitter: - fixed update of user names;

Discord: support for offline file transfers

attempt to make Facebook happy

ICQ-WIM: experimental server group editor

VKontakte: crachfix on server error == 1 for file sending

Facebook: fix for rare crash after disabling FB account

Jabber: fix for vcard retrieving problem for groupchat contacts with cyrillic nicks


fixes #2019 (WUMF: delete non-existing settings)

Db_autobackups: ME_SYSTEM_OKTOEXIT used instead of ME_SYSTEM_PRESHUTDOWN to launch backups on exit, thus allowing them to finish correctly

fixes #2018 (SendSS does not remember the last selected service)

fixes #2023 (Cannot edit "Open new chat rooms in the default container" setting when using a screen reader on Windows)

fixes #2033 (Import: wrong behavior of a combo in the main import dialog)

- fixes #2032 (focus is lost during tab switching);

- fixes #2018 (SendSS doesn't store image format correctly)

- fixes #2037 (when tabs are used, "Save settings for contacts" corrupts window position);

StdMsg: - separate "Show button for sending messages" setting for group chats removed;

- fixes #2043 (CrashDumper: add option to disable VI popup);

StdMsg: unneeded options removed

new_gpg: improoved error handling on public keys array import from main menu

- fixes #2057 (PluginUpdater: add search box);