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Rev.: v0.95.10.2

Veröffentlicht: 28. März 2019

If the Popup plugin does not work after the update, run the update check several more times until the updater stops finding updates.

Kern und Bibliotheken

  • tinyxml2 added to mir_core to replace old XML parser.
  • updated libcurl and SQLite libraries.
  • YAPP renamed to StdPopup, to guarantee that popup service is always present.
  • libcurl — build with OpenSSL.
  • libssh2 added to Miranda to support SFTP transfers in libcurl.
  • old XML API removed.
  • renamed libaxolotl to libsignal.


  • Discord
    • group chats support is disabled by default for new accounts. You can enable it in the protocol settings.
    • group chats history is no longer synced by default for new accounts. You can enable history sync for a specific server/guild using the context menu in the contact list.
    • a contact menu item added for manually history sync.
    • fixed highlighting in group chats.
    • fixed a problem with a "%" sign in group chats.
  • ICQ
    • added basic support for MRA e-mail notifications: displays unread message count, incoming emails, popups.
    • added new options to use a tray icon notification and to launch a browser on tray icon click.
    • added support for file description in file transfers.
    • Miranda now closes ICQ session on exit.
    • increased (up to 32000 seconds) max timeouts for cached statuses.
    • fixes problems with importing ICQ and MRA contacts from old Miranda versions.
    • fixed syncing outgoing messages.
    • fixed "Invalid Request. statusDetailCode 1015" error.
    • if a user wipes all sessions from a browser, Miranda could not read incoming messages for about 30 minutes.
    • fixed SecureIM presence autodetection.
    • in some cases protocol could indicate that it is online, even if the network adapter is disabled.
  • IRC
    • fixed rare crash, when one user changes his nickname.
  • SkypeWeb
    • fixed duplicating some outgoing messages in history.
    • fixed spreading Skype contacts to a group on the first run.
    • fixed deleting edited message from Miranda.
  • VKontakte
    • fixed the names of bots in group chats.


  • BossKey
    • fixed hangs when database backup.
  • Clist_modern
    • added contact sorting by last online time.
    • fixed crash when a temporary contact gets deleted.
  • CurrencyRates
    • currencyconverterapi.com requires a personal key. You should obtain it at the site and then enter the result in the Options dialog, otherwise, this plugin will fail.
  • Db_autobackups
    • "Disable popups" option moved to "Popups" main menu section.
  • Dbx_mdbx
    • fixed hangup during database encryption.
  • HistoryPP
    • restored erroneously removed filter of URL links.
    • restored color settings for URLs.
    • added ability to get user own nick from "MyHandle" database key (protocol settings section).
    • fixed marking messages with URLs as read.
  • IEView
    • added ability to get user own nick from "MyHandle" database key (protocol settings section).
  • MenuEx
    • removed «Request Authorization» menu item.
  • MessageState
    • fixed updating the icon when current sub is changed.
  • NotesReminders
    • added repeat reminders support.
    • ANSI plugin became Unicode.
  • Popup
    • renamed to Popup plus to avoid confusion with StdPopup.
  • TabSRMM
    • added ability to get user own nick from "MyHandle" database key (protocol settings section).
    • fixed redrawing the client's icon in the info panel when subcontact is changed.
    • fixed updating an avatar in taskbar when subcontact is changed.