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Reports generated by CrashDumper by default are insufficient and of little use. To create a useful crash report you need to follow instructions provided below.

Install CrashDumper

Install the appropriate version of CrashDumper plugin. You can do this manually (download links are found in the plugin card on its page) or automatically using PluginUpdater: go to Main Menu → Available components list, select CrashDumper and click Download button.

Update plugins and debug symbols

All your plugins and Miranda core files must be of the latest version. Also, the debug symbols (PDB files) must be of the same compilation as the plugins, so it is necessary to update them too (or install if you don't have any).

All reported issues are checked and fixed on trunk, that's why creating crash reports using only the latest development version of Miranda NG makes sense.

Automatic method

If you have PluginUpdater installed you can download the latest development version of plugins and the appropriate debug symbols automatically.

  • Go to Options → Services → Plugin Updater → Files source
  • Select Development version with debug symbols option and click OK.
  • Choose Check for updates from the Main menu, click Update and wait till Miranda asks for restart.

Manual method

  • Using DownloadDownload page update manually all the plugins and Miranda core files to the latest version:
    •  Download the appropriate version of these plugins and core.
    •  Extract the contents of the archives into the main Miranda NG folder keeping the directory structure.
  • From the CoreDownload section download debug symbols archive (miranda-ng-debug-symbols*.7z) of the same version as the plugins.
  • Extract .pdb files named identically with your plugins from the archive to main Miranda NG folder. Do not extract anything to Plugins folder.
    Each time you update the plugins you have to re-download the debug symbols.

Reproduce the crash

Repeat the actions you performed before the crash occurred for the first time.

Sometimes you may find that it is impossible to reproduce the crash. Perhaps the bug that caused it, was fixed in the latest version.

If you succeeded and Miranda did crash again, check Profiles\<Profile_name>\CrashLog\<Current_date> folder – crashlog files (.txt and .mdmp) are saved here by default.

Example reports

  1. Wrong: some debug symbols are missing which is denoted by lines "(filename not available) (0): (function-name not available)" with Miranda core/plugins names (Lines with USER32, ntdll, kernel32, etc. don't matter).
  2. Right: all debug symbols are in place, no lines "(filename not available) (0): (function-name not available)" with Miranda core/plugins names.

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