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Version: 0.95.10

Rev: v0.95.10

Released: 10 December 2018


  • db_event_getById and db_event_setId — two new functions to manage events by their server IDs (useful for Discord, Facebook, Skype, VKontakte protocols)

Core and libraries

  • updated libcurl, libmdbx, libsodium, libtox, OpenSSL and SQLite libraries.
  • Profile Manager: added checkbox for launching plugins in the service mode.
  • Options → Sounds: added "Select all" and "Select none" menu items to sounds settings.
  • recursive removal of embedded groups enabled by default. If a removed group contains subgroups with contacts, all subgroups will be deleted and all contacts will be moved to the parent group.


  • Discord
    • fixed wrongly embedding next reply into link info.
    • chats now go offline when protocol goes offline.
    • fixed some cases, when group history is missing usernames when retrieved on login.
    • added channel groups support.
    • added Use subgroups for guild's channels option.
    • fixed disconnecting the whole account when a server drops the gateway connection.
    • sending a message with a link can cause the message to be discarded.
    • in some cases, sending a link in own message can cause that message to be attributed to the conversation partner.
    • fixed blank usernames and missing role icons.
    • fixed parsing links from unknown users in group chats.
    • fixed guild sync.
    • direct messages from temporary contacts cause the contact to be shown as if it were a regular friend.
  • IRC
    • fixed crash on channel list closing.
  • Jabber
    • fixed sudden protocol disconnection when Miranda receives inconsistent stanza.
  • MRA
    • deprecated. dropped old MRA protocol support. Contacts and history will be automatically converted to the Dummy protocol.
  • Tox
    • fixed contact name cutting in contact's details for temporary contacts.
    • fixed wrongly adding a temporary contact to the default group instead of placing it outside groups.
    • fixed skipping file transfer (if a file already exists) causes a stuck "pending" transfer.


  • Dbx_mdbx
    • event IDs support.
    • fixed subcontact's history disappears after removing a subcontact.
    • fixed for a possible crash after database compaction.
    • added control for disk overflow during backup.
    • fixed concurrent database creation.
  • Import
    • added ability to copy text from log.
    • fixed numerous issues when running in service mode.
    • wizard window became resizeable.
  • Scriver
    • fixed loading read messages into the log when contact window is open.
    • plugin now throw a warning if sent message is bigger than protocol support.
  • MirLua
    • m_protocols
      • hook to catch sending messages.
      • new function BroadcastAck.
      • ability to get message from CCSDATA.
    • m_srmm
      • added hWnd to CustomButtonClickData.
    • m_message
      • fixed to paste in private message log.