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First and foremost: make a backup copy of your profile regularly, especially before migrating from Miranda IM.

Installing Miranda NG

Installer (recommended)

  • Go to the Download page, choose and download the latest stable or development version from the "Installer" section.
  • Start the installer and follow all instructions.


  • Go to the Download page, choose and download the latest stable or development version from the "Core and basic plugins" section.
  • Extract the downloaded archive to any folder on your computer. You may create a new folder on a flash drive as well, since Miranda is a portable application by default.
  • Start Miranda executable file and create a new profile. Alternatively, you may copy your Miranda IM profile into Miranda NG program folder (see Upgrading Miranda IM to Miranda NG).

Adding plugins

Stable work of Miranda NG is guaranteed within the same build, i. e. all plugins of the same compilation are compatible with the core while two adjacent builds can be completely incompatible. To add plugins to your Miranda installation and update it please use PluginUpdater.
Some plugins (e. g. HTTPServer, SecureIM, SmileyAdd) may require other plugins or additional files not included in the plugin archive. Information about additional requirements can be found in our wiki. For details see plugin's page, check its description and System requirements section of the plugin card.
PluginUpdater: Component list

Automatic method

PluginUpdater allows you to download and install several plugins at once.

  • Go to Main menu → Available components list.
  • Select additional plugins and a langpack to install (see the screenshot). Clicking on "Information" icon will open the plugin's wiki page in your browser.
  • Click Download button.

Manual method

Plugins can be installed manually, one by one. Download the plugin of appropriate version and extract the contents of the archive into Miranda NG folder keeping the folder structure.

Updating Miranda NG

PluginUpdater: List of updates

PluginUpdater is responsible for keeping your Miranda up-to-date. It checks for updates for all installed plugins and other components like icon sets and langpack regularly (depending on its settings) and performs updating automatically.

Version choice

If you want to switch to Development version, choose it in Options → Services → Plugin Updater. It is updated more often so you'll be able to take advantage of new features sooner. To be on a safe side make a backup of your Miranda NG installation folder before switching to development version.

Selective update of components

PluginUpdater remembers user's choice of the components in the list of updates. If you have a custom langpack or an icon set (e. g. Proto_Jabber.dll) which you don't want to update, uncheck the corresponding items in the list. You need to do this once, those components will remain unchecked during the next updates and thus won't get updated.

Upgrading Miranda IM to Miranda NG

Before taking any of these steps, make sure you've created a backup copy of your profile and the program itself. All instructions are to be followed at your own risk, the Miranda NG team are not responsible for any data loss or damage.

Upgrading means substitution of all the core Miranda IM files and plugins with their versions for Miranda NG. Due to major changes in the core, Miranda NG is not compatible with plugins for Miranda IM (see Differences from Miranda IM). If any of your current Miranda IM plugins is not adapted for Miranda NG, check Plugin list to see if there's some plugin for the same or similar functionality.

When migrating to Miranda NG you can use your Miranda IM profile (.dat file). This means your old settings, contacts and history will be kept.

Automatic method (preferred)

This method works only for Miranda IM v0.8 and later.

Download IM Updater plugin, unpack the whole archive into your Miranda IM program folder and then run or restart the program. IM Updater will:

  • Replace the core files and the appropriate plugins with their NG equivalents.
  • Rename old Unicode plugins that have the trailing W in their names.
  • Make a backup of any obsolete plugins.

Manual method

Use this method only if the preceding variant is not suitable by any reason.
  • Install Miranda NG and add the appropriate versions of your favourite plugins (or try to find their equivalents) as described above.
  • Copy your Profiles folder with all its files and subfolders as well as other personalization data (like Skins, Smileys, Icons and Sounds folders with their files) to your new Miranda NG installation.
  • Run Miranda NG. If version of the program is 0.94.6 or older and you used Dbx_mmap_SA with encryption turned on, profile manager will appear, after clicking on Convert button you'll see the message:
This profile is too old to be updated with PluginUpdater, your database must be converted first. Would you like to read how to fix this?
Clicking Yes will take you to this page for further instructions.

Regardless of the method you use for upgrading you'll probably face some problems with skins. See v0.94.3 release notes for instructions on how to solve them.